How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?

One of the most common questions when there’s a personal injury lawsuit is the time it will take to get it settled. There’s no right answer because every case is a little different. However, once you obtain a personal injury lawyer Boston MA lawsuits will be dependent on a few different components.

Seeking Medical Assistance

The whole reason you have a personal injury case is that you suffered an injury. You will want to seek medical attention for that injury as soon as possible. Whether it was a slip and fall, a dog bite, or something else, you need to have a doctor treat you. The time it takes to be treated and released will vary based on the extent of injuries. For some people, it may be a week. For others, it could be 12 to 18 months. Your lawyer won’t be able to settle a case until you have been released from medical care.


Negotiations will have to be made between the lawyer and the insurance company. Not all insurance companies negotiate in the same way. Some are better at getting back to requests than others. Further, negotiations will vary based on the value of the case as well as the amount of insurance coverage that is present on the responsible party’s policy.

Getting Paid

Once a negotiated amount is agreed upon, you will be sent a check. Most insurance companies will typically have this mailed to you within two to four weeks of the negotiations. However, some insurance companies may take their time, even requiring a court junction in order to get the money released to you.

When you have questions about a personal injury case, it’s important to remember that every case works differently. Talk with a lawyer to find out based on the details of your personal injury.

What Type of Bail Bonds Are Available?

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Bail bonds are a partial payment of the full amount ordered by the court. Depending on the type of crime, the number of times the defendant has been arrested, and the disposition of the judge, the amount can be exceedingly large. Most people don’t have the ability to pay the full amount, so they borrow from a bail bondsman. This partial payment helps ensure the full amount will be paid by the defendant if he or she doesn’t show up for their court dates.


When a person is found by Homeland Security to be living within the United States without citizenship, they are said to be unlawful. An immigration bond allows the accused to be released on the promise they will return for their assigned hearings. This type of bond can be found at a bail bond company Allentown PA.


Under the law, a felony is the most egregious of all crime listed on the books. The includes man slaughter, producing drugs, and intentional assault. Felony bonds are often set at a very high amount in the hopes of keeping the accused inside the system until trial.


When a crime is committed but is less serious than a felony, it is often called a misdemeanor. This type of bond is typically a small or nominal amount but can be large if the judge believes the infraction warrants it. This type of crime may include harassment, petty theft, and assault.


When a fugitive is found in one state and wanted in another, a warrant is typically issued requesting the accused be sent back to the original state. An extradition bond can be requested by the defendant while he or she waits for expulsion from the state, thus allowing them to leave jail and continue conducting business.

Setting up a bail bond can mean the difference between sitting in jail for weeks and finding your freedom. Contact a bail bondsman to find out which type of bail bond you need.

Worker’s Comp Issues and the Need For Legal Representation

When a person enters into a work agreement, there are certain protections inherent in that agreement. A person who works in a certain position has committed to showing up in that workplace for several hours a week, with an expectation that they will be in a safe environment during their time at work. All of this means that any legitimate employer is expected to keep their workplace safe for everyone who spends time there.

The Realities of the Workplace

People who work often take their well-being for granted, which is why having an injury occur at work is so serious. If a person hurts themselves on the job due to the negligence of the owner of the company, then the company does have a responsibility to take care of that person and ensure they are treated for their injuries. This, obviously, is where things can get complicated, but the fact is that employers do have an obligation to make sure their employees are treated well.

On the other side of this is the position of the company where an employee is potentially hurt on the job. Workplace accidents do take place and people can be legitimately hurt on the job, but employers must be on the lookout for people who file claims for disability and compensation on a fraudulent basis.

The complexity of worker’s comp laws is why anyone hurt on the job should contact a workers compensation attorney salem oregon, if that is the region in which the injury took place. An experienced worker’s comp attorney will be able to review the case in detail, and make a decision as to the merits of the case. If the case is solid, the attorney will then work out all the details of payments and treatment for the plaintiff in the case.

No, being injured on the job isn’t an easy experience to go through. That’s why it’s so important for an injured worker to be sure to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible if they have been injured on the job.

What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

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No-one ever wants to think about the possibility of divorce. But all too often, couples reach a point of no return in their relationship and the reality that divorce is inevitable sets in. When that happens, you need a skilled divorce lawyer that will side with, and fight for, you. If you need a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL, here’s what you should look for.

Skills and qualifications

A good divorce lawyer should start with a baseline of tactics that, if successful, will result in a positive outcome with little resistance. These include collaborative law, negotiation, and mediation.

If these efforts fail, however, you need an attorney with credibility and confidence to fight for you. The lawyer must assertively represent your interest backed with informed knowledge and passion.

Family law background

A divorce lawyer must know the ins and outs of family law like the back of their hand. This includes not only statutes and precedent, but also an understanding of child and spousal support regulations, divorce terms, child custody, and post-judgment enforcement. These are highly sensitive and personal matters, so it’s critical to find an attorney who is empathetic to your concerns.

Willingness to be on your side

While you want a divorce lawyer to be professional and sensitive to the inherent family dynamic of the proceedings, they must also be willing to relentlessly and forcefully represent your interests. If civil negotiations break down, you need to be confident that your divorce lawyer is willing, ready, and able to demand, leverage, and aggressively negotiate on your behalf.

Most people involved in a divorce hope it will go smoothly, but when if that turns out be impossible, it’s crucial that you have an attorney in your corner who is on your side and your side only. If it looks like divorce is your next step, begin researching family law attorneys near you that are experienced, professional and fair.

Retaining Legal Counsel to Take Your Case

After you have been hurt on the job, you may wonder what rights to which you are entitled. Can you safely go see a doctor without the fear of being fired? Could you make a claim against your company’s insurer so your medical bills will be paid?

These and other questions might plague your mind in the immediate aftermath of an on-the-job accident. Rather than rely on the well-meaning but unreliable advice of friends, family members, and coworkers, you may want to speak to a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. By retaining mediators, paralegals, or workers compensation lawyers rockville md injured workers like you can find out what your rights are and whether or not you should build a case to potentially take to court.

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Acting without Fear of Reprisal

The fear of reprisal at work is one of the main reasons that injured workers fail to act after an accident. They do not want to be fired from or transferred out of their positions. They also do not want to incur the resentment and anger of their bosses or their fellow coworkers.

The law actually protects accident victims from workplace reprisals particularly actions that could compromise a victim’s ability to go back to work in the same capacity if he or she is able. The worker cannot be fired from his or her job because he or she got hurt. Likewise, the victim cannot be fired or transferred to another position because he or she made a claim against the company’s insurer.

Your lawyer will make sure you can go back to work safely if that is what you want to do. If you are unable to return to work, your attorney can file a claim for compensation on your behalf. He or she can also file a lawsuit and take the case to court in order to win you a larger settlement that will take care of you now and in the future.

A lawyer can advocate for you after an accident at work. You get the legal protection you need and the settlement to which you are entitled.