How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?

One of the most common questions when there’s a personal injury lawsuit is the time it will take to get it settled. There’s no right answer because every case is a little different. However, once you obtain a personal injury lawyer Boston MA lawsuits will be dependent on a few different components.

Seeking Medical Assistance

The whole reason you have a personal injury case is that you suffered an injury. You will want to seek medical attention for that injury as soon as possible. Whether it was a slip and fall, a dog bite, or something else, you need to have a doctor treat you. The time it takes to be treated and released will vary based on the extent of injuries. For some people, it may be a week. For others, it could be 12 to 18 months. Your lawyer won’t be able to settle a case until you have been released from medical care.


Negotiations will have to be made between the lawyer and the insurance company. Not all insurance companies negotiate in the same way. Some are better at getting back to requests than others. Further, negotiations will vary based on the value of the case as well as the amount of insurance coverage that is present on the responsible party’s policy.

Getting Paid

Once a negotiated amount is agreed upon, you will be sent a check. Most insurance companies will typically have this mailed to you within two to four weeks of the negotiations. However, some insurance companies may take their time, even requiring a court junction in order to get the money released to you.

When you have questions about a personal injury case, it’s important to remember that every case works differently. Talk with a lawyer to find out based on the details of your personal injury.

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