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A lot of people who study Law at University do so simply because they want to become practising lawyers, no matter whether as barristers or solicitors, but it is not essential to read Law at University to become a practising lawyer. She completed an LLB in European Law at the University of Maastricht and is now completing a Masters in Corporate and Commercial Law there. This assessment is primarily based on you demonstrating your competency in ten core courses, some of which focus on Canadian law content material. When you take into consideration the scope for taking quick conversion courses to law right after your unrelated undergraduate degree, you could save yourself a lot of boredom and tedious operate. In the US, you can study a JD (Judicial Degree), your first law degree, and then progress to an LLM (Masters of Law) as a graduate.

In some nations, you can also study a joint degree , adding degrees in areas such as organization, IT, international relations or psychology to your law degree. One of the crucial options you require to make as a lawyer is regardless of whether to function in private practice (a law firm) or in-residence (the law department in a commercial small business). And you can also study constitutional law, analysing government and policy choices.

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