What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

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No-one ever wants to think about the possibility of divorce. But all too often, couples reach a point of no return in their relationship and the reality that divorce is inevitable sets in. When that happens, you need a skilled divorce lawyer that will side with, and fight for, you. If you need a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL, here’s what you should look for.

Skills and qualifications

A good divorce lawyer should start with a baseline of tactics that, if successful, will result in a positive outcome with little resistance. These include collaborative law, negotiation, and mediation.

If these efforts fail, however, you need an attorney with credibility and confidence to fight for you. The lawyer must assertively represent your interest backed with informed knowledge and passion.

Family law background

A divorce lawyer must know the ins and outs of family law like the back of their hand. This includes not only statutes and precedent, but also an understanding of child and spousal support regulations, divorce terms, child custody, and post-judgment enforcement. These are highly sensitive and personal matters, so it’s critical to find an attorney who is empathetic to your concerns.

Willingness to be on your side

While you want a divorce lawyer to be professional and sensitive to the inherent family dynamic of the proceedings, they must also be willing to relentlessly and forcefully represent your interests. If civil negotiations break down, you need to be confident that your divorce lawyer is willing, ready, and able to demand, leverage, and aggressively negotiate on your behalf.

Most people involved in a divorce hope it will go smoothly, but when if that turns out be impossible, it’s crucial that you have an attorney in your corner who is on your side and your side only. If it looks like divorce is your next step, begin researching family law attorneys near you that are experienced, professional and fair.

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