What Type of Bail Bonds Are Available?

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Bail bonds are a partial payment of the full amount ordered by the court. Depending on the type of crime, the number of times the defendant has been arrested, and the disposition of the judge, the amount can be exceedingly large. Most people don’t have the ability to pay the full amount, so they borrow from a bail bondsman. This partial payment helps ensure the full amount will be paid by the defendant if he or she doesn’t show up for their court dates.


When a person is found by Homeland Security to be living within the United States without citizenship, they are said to be unlawful. An immigration bond allows the accused to be released on the promise they will return for their assigned hearings. This type of bond can be found at a bail bond company Allentown PA.


Under the law, a felony is the most egregious of all crime listed on the books. The includes man slaughter, producing drugs, and intentional assault. Felony bonds are often set at a very high amount in the hopes of keeping the accused inside the system until trial.


When a crime is committed but is less serious than a felony, it is often called a misdemeanor. This type of bond is typically a small or nominal amount but can be large if the judge believes the infraction warrants it. This type of crime may include harassment, petty theft, and assault.


When a fugitive is found in one state and wanted in another, a warrant is typically issued requesting the accused be sent back to the original state. An extradition bond can be requested by the defendant while he or she waits for expulsion from the state, thus allowing them to leave jail and continue conducting business.

Setting up a bail bond can mean the difference between sitting in jail for weeks and finding your freedom. Contact a bail bondsman to find out which type of bail bond you need.

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